Arrested bodyguard of Anubrata Mondal owns four houses, large cache of gold


As many as four houses and few kg of gold were found in the asset list of Sehgal Hossain, the personal bodyguard of Trinamool Congress strongman Anubrata Mondal, who was arrested by the CBI on Thursday in connection with its probe into the cattle and coal smuggling cases in West Bengal.

CBI sources said that out of the four houses enlisted in his asset list, one is a luxurious standalone house at his ancestral place in Domkal in Murshidabad district, while the other three are flats at the New Town area on the northern outskirts of Kolkata. Incidentally, Sehgal’s housemaid has been named as a co-owner of one of the flats in New Town.

The CBI sleuths, after conducting searches in these flats in New Town for the past two day, have recovered several kg gold in the form of bars, biscuits and ornaments. As per estimates, the current market value of the gold will run into crores of rupees.

Now the question arises as to how Hossain, a constable with West Bengal Police whose wife is a primary school teacher, can own such huge assets.

CBI sources said that after talking to Hossain’s neighbours in Domkal, the agency sleuths learnt that Hossain’s upward graph in financial status started three years ago when he was appointed as the bodyguard of Mondal, Trinamool’s Birbhum district president.

The CBI sleuths suspect that Hossain acted as the principal carrier of the money transacted through illegal cattle and coal smuggling.

CBI sources further said that last week it had raided the residence of Hossain in Domkal and seized several documents that showed the involvement of his close relatives and associates.

Currently, Mondal is under scanner in two cases. The first is the cattle and coal smuggling cases, in which the Enforcement Directorate (ED) is conducting a parallel probe along with the CBI. His role in the post-poll violence in Bengal is also being probed by the CBI.



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