Artist Michelle Poonawalla exhibits series on companionship

New Delhi, Feb 15 (IANSlife) Celebrating friendship and companionship during these challenging times, five portraits taken by artist Michelle Poonawalla in her home city of Pune, are part of an ongoing exhibition in an Ahmedabad gallery.

Poonawalla, an artist who lives and works between London and Pune, is showing this new series of drawings as part of ‘Kagaz’, a group exhibition of works on paper which runs until February 26 at 079 Stories.

For Poonawalla, drawings and works on paper represent a very personal and emotive medium, allowing her to delicately portray the emotion of the subjects. As with Poonawalla’s larger body of work the drawings are intended to create a moment of reflection for the viewer and ask them to think about their surroundings and the wider world.

Talking about the exhibition, Poonawalla says: “For me drawing is a very important medium. Whilst audiences may be more familiar with my larger installations and digital work, drawing forms the base of everything I do and I was delighted when 079 Stories asked me to present a series of works on paper.”

Poonawalla’s works explore universal, socially engaged topics that resonate with a diverse range of audiences, creating powerful memories and moving experiences. Her practice combines cutting-edge technology and traditional artistic mediums in an emotionally charged and poetic form; often utilizing sound, video mapping, projection, motion sensors and other techniques to bring her innovative paintings and installations to life.

Paper is the strongest and the most versatile medium of expressing oneself may it be in the form of words, crafts, or art.

‘Kagaz’ is a celebration of this and alongside Poonawalla the exhibition presents 21 artists from across the country displaying works on paper including Anuj Ambalal, Al Qawi Nanawati, Ashish Kushwaha, Claire Iono, Ghanshyam Rathod, Hindol Brahmbhatt, Krishnendu Roy, Malabika Burman, Milburn Cherian, Pradeep Ahirwar, Rachnan Badrakia, Ronak Sopariwala, Satish Gupta, Shahanshah Mittal, Shefali Nayan, Shrikant Kadam, Vikesh Ghosh and Viraj Mithani.

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