Arun Vijay: Wasn’t mature when I came to this industry

Tamil actor Arun Vijay has completed 25 years in the acting business. He says that the jounrey has been a learning curve an that he was not mature when he came into the industry.

Arun Vijay said: “This Journey was a learning curve, it was not all a bed of roses, I had to fight a lot of hardships as well. There were a lot of things that I had to learn with the process, I wasn’t mature when I came to this industry. Being a star kid, the entry was easy but you still have to prove it by yourself, maybe that name also carried a lot of expectations as well.”

“I used to do one film at a time which is a drawback because there were a lot of gaps between each film in case the film doesn’t do well, there will be a little more gap. I was very cautious about that even from those early days. It took time but that is also a reason I was never over-exposed to doing monotonous roles. 25 years, this is got to be my 31st film,” he added.

“I felt whatever I do now is fresh, that I have not done earlier. Each film has taught me a different thing.”

On the work front, Arun Vijay will be seen as Ravichandran in Yaanai.




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