As chief selector, I took tough decisions against legends: MSK Prasad

MSK Prasad insisted on Monday that as chairman of selectors he did take some tough decisions, even against the “legends of the game” during his nearly four-year tenure in the “interest of the future of Indian cricket”.

Prasad, a former India wicketkeeper, was asked whether it was a tough phase during his tenure to deal with former India skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s retirement.

“During the course of your journey as a selector, you will have to take some tough decisions even against the legends of the game in the interest of the future of Indian cricket,” said Prasad, whose tenure ended in March.

“Identifying the right successor is the most important job of a selector. You have to be dispassionate as a selector and can’t be emotional about taking tough decisions. And the reason for having a selection committee is to create successors. There can’t be another Dhoni or Sachin [Tendulkar] as they are very unique and their contribution is invaluable and no one can question that,” Prasad told

On whether he felt disappointed that his contribution is not appreciated despite the fact that the team playing in the World Test Championship (WTC) final has players mostly selected during his, and the previous selection committee’s tenures, Prasad pointed to the results.

“You need to do what you are supposed to do. Our deeds are there to see. If seven superstars of the Indian team don’t play in an important match, seven youngsters step in their place [the 2020-21 Australia tour] from India A and win you the game, it is a big compliment for our hard work. Whether people believe it and speak about it or not is immaterial as long as results are there to see,” he said.

Prasad said he was delighted to see the India team make it to the WTC final, based on the performance of the last two years when several youngsters were given the opportunity to play for the country.

“There are no two ways about it. The amount of satisfaction and happiness you get from this. From the selection point of view, we did our best. We played our little part in helping this Indian team play the final of the World Test championship. This team thoroughly deserves it since they have been number one for the last four years. Now, I can’t wait to watch the final,” he said.