Ashish Sonkar on why he signed up for ‘Yaad aaye’ video

Actor Ashish Sonkar, who has worked in short films, recently starred in the video of the romantic track “Yaad aaye”, sung by Vicky Sonkar. He claims he came on board the moment the concept was narrated to him.

“When they told me the concept, I really liked it. I felt it had a new flavour to it and it will be something different to shoot. The entire track has been shot on a mountain, so the scenic location adds value to the song,” said Ashish.

The actor has three more music videos lined up, of which the next track titled “Humnashi”.

Talking about his next projects, he says: “More of my songs are coming. Once shootings in Mumbai start again, we will work on releasing everything quickly,” says the actor, who has been a part of short films such as “Addict”, “Viral” and “Special Time”,