Ashnoor Kaur on her lead role in debut web series ‘Pari Hun Main’

Actress Ashnoor Kaur talks about her debut web series ‘Pari Hun Main’, which started streaming on November 14. She is playing the lead role of ‘Pari’ in the web series.

Ashnoor talks about her web debut stating: “I actually have mixed emotions, I’m obviously over the moon and nervous at the same time as it’s been a long wait. But I would say that seeing people’s reaction when I announced the release date, they were thrilled and anticipated. I’m really looking forward to it because we have worked really hard for this one. Finally, it’s releasing so I hope the audience enjoys it.”

On talking about the show and playing ‘Pari’, the ‘Patiala Babes’ actress shares: “I had an ecstatic and jovial experience working with my co-actors. Delnaaz and Jiten were really sweet. The vibe on the set was so positive. ‘Pari’ is quite an inspirational character, much similar to my character in ‘Patiala Babes’. She is a girl who desires to pursue her goals on her own terms. She isn’t preachy but sets an example for others to look up to. It is my debut series and this is actually a performance-oriented character.”

Written by Vivek Khatri, ‘Pari Hun Main’ also stars actors Delnaaz Irani and Jatin Lalwani depicting her parents while Arushi Handa will also be seen playing a parallel lead. It will be streaming on a newly-launched OTT platform WOW Originals.