New Delhi, April 18 (IANS) With the coronavirus outbreak bringing the world to a standstill, sportspersons have been interacting with fans across the globe on social media and India spinner R. Ashwin took to Twitter to have a question answer session with fans where he not only spoke about his favourite Test match, but also a player who made him nervous during their first meeting.

Answering a question on a Test match he wished he was part of, Ashwin said it had to be the Eden Test against Australia in 2001. Calling it one of the greatest Test matches if not the greatest.

He was also asked fun questions like if he takes a bath in winters and to this he asked if there is any winter in Chennai. He was also asked about his favourite off-spinner to which he said: “This is flashy news piece question that will appear on my verified mentions part in 20 minutes.”

He was also asked if he had to make a quiz team with three other cricketers, who he would pick and he said: “Sachin paijee, Cheteshwar Pujara and Zaheer Khan (sic).”

Asked why he still has to listen to lectures on Mankading Jos Buttler in the last edition of the Indian Premier League, Ashwin said: “I just enjoy the banter.”

Commenting on a player who made him nervous during their first meeting, Ashwin said: “Mathew Hayden.” He also revealed that Chole is his favourite punjabi food while saying that he believes people will care a lot more for each other and the little joys of life post the lockdown.




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