ASI arrested for assaulting doctor in Patna

An Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) of Special Branch was arrested for allegedly assaulting a doctor at Malahi Pakadi area here, a police officer said on Friday.

Police said that ASI Harinarayan Singh had alleged the doctor’s negligence in giving proper treatment to his son.

Singh said that he took his son to the clinic on Thursday as he had sustained a foot injury where the doctor applied him a plaster to the area.

“But in the night, Singh allegedly visited the clinic along with five others and allegedly assaulted the doctor claiming that the plaster was not properly placed on his son’s leg that aggravated the pain,” police added.

“I had to board a train on Thursday night for an important meeting in Delhi. When I was about leave for the railway station, Harinarayan and his men arrived at the clinic and assaulted me and my staff,” doctor Vijay Shankar Singh alleged.

“I believe that Harinarayan’s son can walk on injured leg despite any complication. I am ready for any probe by the board of doctors. The truth will be revealed,” he further said.

“We have scanned the CCTV footage in and around the clinic and found the incident to be true. Subsequently, an FIR was lodged against the ASI and later he was arrested,” said Manoranjan Bharti, SHO of Patrakar Nagar police station in Patna.