Assad meets Iran’s Khamenei, President Raisi

Visiting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi on a brief visit in Tehran, state TV reported.

During the meeting, Khamenei praised the Syrian people and government’s resistance against foreign pressures over the past years, reports Xinhua news agency.

He described Assad as a determined ruler and wished him success in reconstructing the war-ravaged country, adding that the two countries need to seize the opportunity to enhance bilateral relations.

For his part, Assad thanked the Iranian support to Syria, saying Iran has remained steadfastness and unwavering stances in the past four decades on regional issues, especially on the issue of Palestine.

In another meeting with Assad, Raisi said “resistance” will be a determining factor for restoring regional order and reclaiming the Palestinian rights.

Assad praised Iran for its support for Syria’s resistance, saying his country is ready to expand security, political and economic coordination in a “strategic” relation with Iran.

Assad left Tehran for the Syrian capital Damascus after the meetings.

This is his second visit to Tehran during his presidency.

His first visit to Tehran took place in February 2019.




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