Assam BJP MLA triggers row after ‘piggyback’ ride

Assam BJP MLA from Lumding Assembly constituency, Sibu Misra, has triggered a controversy after a video went viral on social media showing Misra taking a piggyback ride on a water-logged street to inspect the flood situation in his locality.

The netizens accused him of ‘insensitive’ behaviour, especially at a time when lakhs of people in Assam are reeling under pre-monsoon floods.

In the video, Misra could be seen being carried on the shoulders by a rescue worker to a boat located only a few steps away, in what appeared to be barely knee-deep water.

The netizens lambasted Misra, saying that he was taking advantage of his position and took the piggyback ride while mocking the people affected by the floods. The opposition also slammed the ruling party legislator on this issue.

However, Misra claimed that he was unwell and the worker volunteered to carry him to the boat.




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