Assam: Man climbs electric pole, threatens to commit suicide

Sonapur village in Assam on the outskirts of Guwahati witnessed drama on Wednesday after a man climbed a high voltage electricity transmission line tower.

Even as some residents spotted him and rushed there, the man threatened to jump from the tower if anyone tries to rescue him.

The villagers got panicked, and no one approached the transmission tower.

Meanwhile, the police was informed and eventually, the police personnel reached the spot. However, they also found it difficult to convince the man to get off the tower.

The drama continued for nearly three hours and finally, the police was able to bring the man down.

The man has been identified as Dharmeshwar Boro. The motive behind his action is still unknown.

Some reports suggested that Bora is mentally disturbed.

The Officer-in-charge of Sonapur police station also informed that Boro is suffering from psychiatric issues, and is under treatment.

He was taken to a nearby hospital and later sent to Guwahati Medical College and Hospital.




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