Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Assam Police arrest 800 in massive crackdown against child marriage: CM

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Tuesday said the state police have arrested 800 people as part of its massive crackdown against child marriage.

In a post on X, Sarma said: “In a massive crackdown against child marriage, Assam Police has arrested over 800 accused persons in a special operation which began in the early hours of dawn. The number of arrests is likely to rise.”

According to a senior Assam Police officer, the highest number of arrests took place in Dhubri district.

Tuesday’s development comes after the Chief Minister’s recent announcement that a second round of crackdown against the child marriage would begin very soon.

In February, 5,000 people were arrested statewide when the Assam Police launched a massive campaign against the child marriage.

Sarma has asserted that within 2026, Assam will become a child marriage free state.

“Six months ago, I arrested 5,000 people in Assam for child marriage. I awaited the conclusion of the G20 meet. I will now arrest 2,000–3,000 men for child marriage. In this way the child marriage must be eliminated from Assam.”



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