Assam Police ‘neutralise’ newly formed militant group

Assam Police have ‘neutralised’ a newly-formed militant Adivasi People’s Liberation Army (APLA), officials said on Thursday.

A senior police officer informed that nine cadres of the Golaghat and Karbi Anglong districts have been arrested. Police have also recovered arms and ammunition from the cadres of the militant group.

Special Director General of Police, G.P. Singh, said that Assam Police have neutralised a newly formed insurgent group APLA in less than four days. Nine cadres have been arrested and weapons seized.

He added: “We continue to have zero tolerance towards violence and groups professing violence.”

The officer further said that these were cadres of Adivasi militant groups which are now in peace talks with the government. Some of them probably had tried to build a new faction.

He commented that the police are not sure when the group was re-formed, but it was done very recently.




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