Assam Regiment, Arunachal Scouts sign affiliation with IAF’s SU-30 squadron

The Assam Regiment and Arunachal Scouts of the Indian Army signed an affiliation with 106 Air Force Squadron at Tezpur in Assam on Monday for capability building.

The 106 Air Force Squadron is the SU-30 Squadron of the Eastern Air Command of the Indian Air Force.

The affiliation will assist them in development of mutual understanding of joint ethos, capability, limitations and core competencies of other services through common understanding of tactical military doctrines and concepts in the contemporary conflict environment.

“The Guard of Honour was inspected by Major General P.S. Behl, Colonel of the Assam Regiment and Arunachal Scouts. Thereafter the ‘Charter of Affiliation’ was signed by Maj Gen Behl and Gp Capt Varun Slaria, Commanding Officer, 106 Squadron,” the Ministry of Defence said.

The Assam Regiment was raised on June 15, 1941 and stood its ground to turn defeat into victory, winning six battle honours in the Second World War. The contribution of the regiment in the Burma Campaign and in the 1971 Indo-Pakistan war in changing the course of the battle is well documented in history.

The 106 Squadron, IAF, was raised on December 11, 1959 and currently operates the air dominance fighter Sukhoi 30 MKI. It is the most decorated squadron of the Indian Air Force with three Mahavir Chakras and seven Vir Chakras. The squadron has been awarded the prestigious President’s Standard.

The contribution of the IAF squadron and the Assam Regiment in the 1971 war and the combined war waging efforts of the regiment and Eastern Air Command in the Burma Campaign speaks volumes of their martial ardour, resoluteness and dauntless courage.

Maj Gen Behl talked about the importance of affiliation and its far reaching impact in the present day. He highlighted that the idea behind the affiliation was aimed at greater understanding of each other’s operational ethos, building camaraderie and ‘espirit-de-corps’.

This enhanced synergy and understanding of each other’s strengths will act as a force multiplier within our armed forces, he said.

Later, Maj Gen Behl flew a familiarisation sortie on a Sukhoi 30 MKI to acquaint himself with its capabilities. The ceremony was also marked by an aerobatics display by the formidable warplane.