Thursday, July 25, 2024

Assam’s Chayan Dutta to play big role in Chandrayaan-3

Assam’s Chayan Dutta, who holds the position of the deputy project director in ISRO’s Chandrayaan-3 mission, will oversee the on-board command telemetry, data handling and storage system of the lander in the spacecraft.

Dutta, who originally hails from North Lakhimpur town, is an alumnus of Tezpur University’s Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering.

He is currently employed as a Scientist-G in the Department of Space’s UR Rao Satellite Centre.

His father Ranjit Dutta told reporters that his son has been entrusted with handling some major operations of the spacecraft.

“Chayan has always been a very simple and modest boy. He used to help me in my shop during his school and college days,” Ranjit Dutta said.

Chayan Dutta studied in North Lakhimpur College and was a brilliant boy since his childhood.

His father runs a cutlery shop in the town.

“My son is very busy with the last leg of preparations for Chandrayaan-3. He told us that no phone calls till Chandrayaan-3 is launched successfully in space on Friday,” Ranjit Dutta said.

Meanwhile, Chayan Dutta’s big responsibility in ISRO’s much ambitious moon mission has lifted spirits in his hometown.



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