Friday, July 12, 2024

Assam’s mosque committees not to allow burial of recreational drug consumers

At least three mosque committees in Assam’s Karimganj district have decided not to allow the burial of the individuals who have died due to the consumption of recreational drugs, and those who charge exorbitant interest rates from borrowers.

The three mosque committees of Maizdihi area in Karimganj came to this resolution in unanimity, demonstrating the community’s dedication to fighting the dangers of drug misuse and usury.

Additionally, it was decided that even relatives of those who engaged in these illegal actions would not be permitted to be buried at the Maizdihi cemetery, an official of the mosque committee said on Tuesday.

The decisions were confirmed at a meeting called by the Maizdihi cemetery committee. The sale and use of heroin, yaba pills, and cannabis are all examples of the recreational substances that are prohibited.

The same limitations apply to unlawful money lenders that charge high interest rates.

A social boycott of people who commit these crimes was also universally supported.



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