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Asylum claims remain up over last year

While new statistics show a slight dip in the number of people intercepted at the Canada-US border last month trying to cross unofficially to claim asylum, total numbers remain higher than they were last year.

Last month, 1,762 people were stopped by the RCMP as they crossed into Canada from the U.S. at informal border points, down from 1,874 in July.

But the statistics also show that the total number of asylum claims lodged in Canada so far this year is higher than in the same period in 2018.

The government says it has processed 39,705 new claims for refugee status so far in 2019, which is about 5,000 more than had been processed at this point last year.

Statistics released Monday also show Ontario continues to lag just behind Quebec in the total number of asylum claims processed so far this year.

The surge of asylum-seekers has become a lingering sore spot in federal-provincial relations, with the Liberal government promising hundreds of millions of dollars to both provinces to ease some of the strain on housing and social services.

The flow through informal entry points has been blamed on the Safe Third Country Agreement with the U.S., which doesn’t allow people coming into Canada from that country to lodge refugee claims at official border spots.

How to deal with this complex crisis has bedeviled the Liberals and other parties have not gone into specifics as to how they would stanch the flow of illegal immigrants crossing the border without breaking national and international laws and treaties.

Immigration and asylum are expected to be issues that political party leaders will have to deal with in more detail. -CINEWS



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