At 54-feet, Kolkata’s tallest Christmas tree with a big star


Park Street in Central Kolkata has always been at the centre of attraction every year during the Christmas season. Last year the Christmas and New Year celebrations were suspended because of the pandemic situation, but this year when the preparations are in full swing a 54-feet Christmas tree has become the main attraction.

The Christmas tree erected at the Apeejay House lawn in Park Street, the heart of Kolkata Christmas Festival is a 50-foot-tall with a four-foot star at the top and it is the tallest in the city so far. The tree is 30-foot in diameter.

CEO of Apeejay Real Estate, Shouvik Mandal, said, “Just beside the giant Christmas tree we have placed a 7-foot-tall Santa Claus and a 7-foot -tall fairy. And when Santa is there, the reindeers have to be there too! Hence, a 7- foot-wide and 5-foot-tall installation has Santa’s fastest reindeer Dasher, followed by the affectionate Cupid and of course Santa’s favourite reindeer Rudolph with his glowing nose!”

Traditionally, Park Street is the go-to place for Christmas revellers in the city. By the virtue of its location Apeejay House, has remained the starting point of Christmas festivity for those approaching Park Street from Chowringhee Road.

The Christmas tree has 161 big and small stars, 350 balls, 300 bells and 100 gift boxes. Over 12,000 LED sparkle lights and more than 1,50,000 LED rice lights have been used for lighting up the giant Christmas tree. In addition, to compliment the Christmas decoration of the lawn, the exterior of Apeejay building has been decorated with lights. 25 people worked for 10-days to give shape to the 54-foot-tall Christmas tree.

“We are happy to be able to add to the Christmas spirit of Park Street and hope that our installations this year will complement the Kolkata Christmas Festival or the Park Street Festival as many call it,” said the CEO.

“We have taken all the required permissions and clearances from the state administration for putting up the installation and have the safety measures in place. Park Street mirrors the spirit of Christmas that every citizen of Kolkata is so proud of. We are happy to add another jolly stopover for the Christmas revellers at Park Street,” he added.



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