At-home hair care routine this summer

New Delhi, May 31 (IANSlife) While we are compelled to stay indoors to be safe in this pandemic, haircare is certainly something we cannot do compromise on. Healthy hair is a must but when you are juggling between virtual meeting and household responsibilities, it becomes a challenge to find time and care for yourself.

Aditya Singh, Brand-Head, Atulya Herbals, shares some quick tips to keep in mind while you oil, wash or style your hair:

Perform a Hot Oil Massage: Utilise your time at home and massage your scalp with lukewarm oil and avoid applying too much oil on tresses as cleaning it may again lead to dryness and if left oily after wash, your hair will attract more dust leading it to be greasy. A slow massage provides much-needed nourishment and hydration for your scalp; you will be rewarded with healthy hair follicles as well. Atulya Onion bhringraj hair oil is a good option for deep nourishment of your hair follicles and scalp as it also boosts blood supply and results in good hair growth. It is also recommended to wrap your hair with hot towel for 10 minutes before shampoo to enjoy greater benefits of massage.

Hair Wash: Always remember to use a mild shampoo, preferably paraben and sulfate-free, to wash you hair as it reduces the damage to hair even if you want to wash hair more frequently to care for greasy scalp. An ideal shampoo for daily wash should not have pH exceeding 5.5. You can try Atulya Amala Bhringraj shampoo which has the goodness of amla and bhringraj with Reetha which is a natural cleanser.

Use conditioner after every shampoo or Hair mask once a week: Using a conditioner can significantly repair the damaged hair but the frequency of using it, depends on whether you have oily or dry hair. Conditioner increases shine and strength while creating a protective layer. Dry hair can also be benefitted by reverse hair washing or pre-wash conditioning method wherein conditioner is applied before you wash your hair and without rinsing the conditioner, directly apply shampoo and wash.

If your hair is extremely frizzy, dry and damaged, hair mask is your go-to solution as it can be applied from root to tip and provides deeper nourishment and repair. Masks should only be used once or twice a week unlike conditioner which can be used after every wash. Atulya VegKeratin and Wheat Protein hair mask is a good choice here as keratin increases the strength and wheat protein adds length to hair while decreasing split ends.

Avoid hair styling products: It is better to avoid using hair styling products like gel, sprays etc. to reduce damage. These styling products tend to attract more dust and does not allow your hair to breathe.

Try to Avoid Blow-drying: Spending more time at home also means that you may not need to use your blow dryer, hair straightener, or curler for a while. Refraining from performing these treatments for a few weeks is a nice opportunity for your hair to rejuvenate and detox.

Avoid Home Hair Dye Products: If you had your hair coloured before lockdown and you require a touch-up or a total colour change, you may be tempted to try and use a home hair dye kit. Please don’t do that as these products do not sit well with treated hair and scalp and can do more harm than good.

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