Attempt to tarnish my image, IOA treasurer Pandey dismisses allegations of sexual misconduct

Brushing aside all allegations levelled against him, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) treasurer and Uttar Pradesh Olympic Association secretary, Anandeshwar Pandey said that somebody has maliciously circulated the morphed picture for tarnishing his image.

A series of photos showing Pandey in a compromising position with women has caused a storm in the Indian sports circle and on social media.

On Tuesday, Pandey filed a complaint with the Lucknow Police cyber cell, claiming that the allegations against him were part of a conspiracy.

“If you go with the chain of events of IOA, you can understand who is behind this. I have made a complaint against unnamed individuals, but this is a political conspiracy and there must be a big person’s hand behind it,” Pandey told IANS.

“We all know who is behind this. I have been in sports administration since 1970 and no one has ever made any kind of allegations. Suddenly with some morphed pictures, people are coming out with such malicious complaints. They are trying to tarnish my image,” he added.

“If any of the athletes complain against me, I am ready for any kind of punishment. I have been in sports since the 1970s, there has never been any such incident,” he said.

A complaint against Pandey has been filed in the Chief Minister’s portal and a copy of the complaint letter has been sent to the District Magistrate. After the complaint, Lucknow Regional Sports Officer Ajay Sethi sought an explanation from Pandey.




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