Auroville board to implement master township plan amid row


The Governing Board of the Auroville foundation here has decided to expeditiously push for implementing the Auroville Township Master plan despite opposition from the residents.

The foundation during a meeting of the office-bearers held recently, decided that the Master township project has to be implemented at the earliest.

According to office bearers, at the meeting, which was held on January 18, it was also decided that regular talks and meetings with groups of residents will be held.

The plan designed by the French architect Roger Anger and approved by the head of the Auroville founder Mirra Alfassa who is commonly referred to as ‘Mother’ has faced stiff resistance from the residents and inmates who took to the streets, blocking main roads and highways, protesting against it.

They opposed the project stating that trees, bunds and community structures have to be pulled down for the project.

The foundation is of the opinion that the Master plan has been in the public domain for the past three decades and that the trees and other community structures which are now being held as the reason for the objection, came up later.

The National Green Tribunal, Southern bench had stalled the construction at Auroville foundation following the unrest and protests by the residents and the verdict of the NGT is yet to come.

The governing board of the foundation had met the members of the resident groups and working groups of Auroville to break the ice and implement the plan at the earliest.

International advisory council members of the foundation including Dena Merriam, Gabi Gillessen, Hashmukh P. Rama, and Michel Danino held discussions with the residents for the further growth and development of Auroville.



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