Australia remains NZ’s top source of visitor arrivals

Australia has remained as New Zealand’s top source of visitor arrivals, accounting for nearly half of the total arrivals in November last year, the country’s statistics department said on Friday.

New Zealand’s overseas visitor arrivals were 231,300 in November 2022, up 226,000 from November 2021, with arrivals from Australia up 105,300, the US up 25,000, and Britain up 14,900, Xinhua news agency quoted Stats NZ as saying.

Arrivals from Singapore, Germany, Canada and India all increased in that month, it said.

Annually, New Zealand’s overseas visitor arrivals were 1.07 million in the November 2022 year, up 867,000 from the November 2021 year.

The biggest changes were in arrivals from Australia, the US, Britain, among other countries.

From August 1, 2022, New Zealand’s border opened to all visitors and international students.




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