Australian Parliament resumes after May polls

The Australian Parliament on Tuesday resumed two months following the federal election in May.

New and returning MPs and Senators gathered in Canberra on Tuesday to be officially sworn in to the 47th Parliament of Australia.

Delivering his opening remarks, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, whose Labor Party won power in the election on May 21, urged his colleagues to make their time in Parliament count.

The Labor government is expected to introduce about 18 pieces of legislation to Parliament in the first two sitting weeks.

They will include legislation that will give more than 11 million workers access to paid domestic violence leave and for Labor’s emissions reduction target.

Albanese has committed to reducing Australia’s carbon emissions by 43 per cent from the 2005 levels by 2030.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister said he hopes to lead a more unified Parliament than that of previous governments.

“I want to see a Parliament that functions much better than the last one. I want more unity, less division. I want to bring the country together with a sense of our common purpose which is there.”




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