Australia’s densely populated states to see above normal bushfire potential in summer

Two of Australia’s top three populated states, New South Wales (NSW) and Queensland, have to face above-normal fire potential in summer, a new report warned on Tuesday.

The Seasonal Bushfire Outlook Summer 2022 was released by the Australian and New Zealand National Council for Fire and Emergency Services (AFAC), reports Xinhua news agency.

According to the report, the above-normal fire potential is expected in central western and southern Western Australia, central Australia, southern Queensland and inland NSW due to increased fuel loads as a result of significant rainfall.

Western Tasmania also shows above-normal fire potential following a dry spring period.

Meanwhile, some coastal areas across Victoria, NSW and the Australian Capital Territory have below-normal fire potential due to increased fuel moisture, the continued wet outlook and reduced fuel loads following the 2019-20 bushfire season.

While most of Australia shows normal fire potential, the report noted that anyone living and working in these areas needs to be vigilant, as destructive and deadly fires can still occur during normal bushfire seasons across Australia.

“This outlook shows a diversity of fire risk this season, which reflects the diversity of Australia’s landscape,” said AFAC Chief Executive Officer Rob Webb.

“As we enter summer, we will use this outlook to guide our operational and strategic planning, and jurisdictional fire and emergency services will continue to monitor local conditions,” he added.




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