Automation Anywhere introduces new platform to empower employees

Automation Anywhere, a leader in cloud-native intelligent automation, on Tuesday unveiled the Automation Success Platform which is designed to accelerate business transformation by making automation accessible for everyone.

The platform has new automation tools to empower employees in the apps they love.

“The world’s leading companies are embracing automation and AI to unlock new opportunities, engage the workforce and adapt to market changes,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO, and co-Founder, Automation Anywhere.

“The Automation Success Platform delivers intelligent automation to every employee and empowers IT and automation leaders to scale success,” he added.

Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) is the automation co-pilot for every employee, allowing them to engage with bots while working in their favorite apps, to get work done easier and faster.

AARI can now be embedded into any web app, like Salesforce and Genesys, and into voice and IVR (Interactive Voice Response), said the company.

Automation is expected to add an estimated $15 trillion benefit to the global economy by 2030, according to Gartner.

Today, every company is operating in the Automation Economy, with 95 per cent of organisations embracing automation.

However, a Deloitte study shows that only 13 per cent of companies have been able to scale their automation efforts, often struggling to customise one-size-fits-none automation tools and on-premise platforms.

Expanding the recent acquisition of FortressIQ, Automation Anywhere has launched Process Discovery as a part of the Automation Success Platform.

The app leverages the power of AI to quickly map and uncover the highest ROI automation opportunities across all the systems, tools, and processes in an enterprise, helping automators to discover where and what to automate next.

“New Document Automation easily extracts data from documents and transfers it into any app. Companies can choose to use either Automation Anywhere’s pre-trained AI models or select another best-of-breed AI, like Google Document AI and Microsoft Azure Form Recognizer to power their automations,” said the company.

“Automating business processes provides us the leverage and scale that our businesses need to grow and thrive,” said Dev Gulati, Head of Automation, at Columbia Sportswear.

By scaling automation, we have increased the capacity for our teams to increase value for our members, while also being a driving force behind digital transformation,” added Joe Bechtel, Director of Automation, Humana.

Automation Anywhere is the top cloud automation platform, delivering automation and process intelligence solutions across all industries to automate end-to-end business processes for the fastest path to enterprise transformation.




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