Autopsy of 7 deceased dogs in Lucknow found inconclusive

The autopsy report of seven stray dogs that were found dead in Uttar Pradesh’s Lucknow, has proved inconclusive, adding an element of mystery to the deaths.

The dogs were found dead in Mandiaon locality on Monday, leaving animal activists shocked.

The veterinary doctors said on Wednesday that they are depending on the blood test report of three other street dogs, who were found unconscious but survived due to timely intervention by the locals.

The veterinary doctors initially claimed that the dogs had been poisoned because blood and froth was found oozing from their mouth.

Five other dogs were found in a similar, serious condition and were rushed to the government veterinary hospital. Two of them were discharged after a few hours, but the condition of the remaining three was critical.

The police team scanned the CCTV camera footage in the area but could not find any clue.

“The autopsy, conducted on Tuesday, has not given any clear answers as to what the actual cause of death was. Hence, the viscera have been preserved and their samples sent to the Forensic Science Lab for further examination.

“It could take months for the result to come from the lab,” said Chief Veterinary Officer D.K. Sharma said on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, animal rights activists have shifted the three critical dogs from the government veterinary hospital to a private veterinary hospital in Nishatganj run by a non-government organisation for better treatment.

Richa Singh, who lodged an FIR in the incident, said that it was best to shift the dogs to a private veterinary hospital as they would get more attention over there.

“The three dogs are now stable, and their blood samples have been sent to a private lab to check possibilities of poisoning,” she added.




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