Avantika Dassani found colour in the grey space of her ‘Mithya’ character


For actress Avantika Dassani, who is all set to make her debut with the upcoming series, ‘Mithya’, the grey zone of her character sealed the deal. The debutante was instantly drawn to the project because of the flaws that her character comes with.

Shedding light on her character in the series, the actress said, “We actually had a list of pros and cons and Rhea’s grey character actually made it to the pros list and not to the cons list simply because it is a well written character.”

Talking about what she found appealing in the character, she shared, “Yes, it’s an unconventional and risky choice but I think that’s exactly what excites an actor to play a grey character because that’s how humans are. In real life, we are all shades of grey. She is explosive and she drives the plot in an interesting way.”

She lauded the show creators and writers for sketching such a good character, “Her relation with all the characters in the show is also very interestingly designed and very well developed by our amazing writer and the entire team.”



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