Avinash Tiwary: Actors get more credit than they deserve


Actor Avinash Tiwary has been part of films such as “Tu Mera Sunday”, “Bulbull”, and “Ghost Stories”. While he has enjoyed critical acclaim for his roles, he feels a good film is always a team effort and not just about the actor.

The actor’s 2018 film “Laila Majnu” didn’t do well at the box office and, talking about the film, Avinash tells IANS: “A performance is about writing, directing, editing — all of it together. The actors get a lot more credit than they deserve. The part was so well written, the way the background music was, all of that come together for the performance.”

The actor is currently working on upcoming series “Dongri To Dubai”, and he says if his career graph improves, it could draw attention to “Laila Majnu”.

“I believe that if it stays longer in people’s memory and if I am able to do well in my career, then people will go back and find this and probably love it then,” he feels.