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Avoid drugs, alcohol, tobacco: Covid-19 advisory to Goa senior citizens

Panaji, April 23 (IANS) Apart from taking hygiene-related precautions, a government advisory issued for senior citizens in Goa has urged them to not get hooked to tobacco, alcohol and drugs to kill boredom and rediscover painting, listening to music and reading as hobbies.

The Covid-19 advisory also urges senior citizens not to follow sensational news or social media posts and not to confine themselves into isolation.

“Rediscover old hobbies like painting listening to music, reading. Make sure to access and believe only the most reliable sources of information. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and other drugs to avoid loneliness or boredom,” the advisory issued late on Thursday states.

“The dont’s senior citizens are advised to follow include not to isolate themselves, not to confine themselves in a room, not to follow any sensational news or social media posts and not to spread or share any unverified news or information further,” it also says.

The advisory states that senior citizens, especially those with medical conditions are particularly susceptible to infections and urges them to call the local helpline in case of symptoms like fever, with or without body ache, continuous cough, shortness of breath and unusually poor appetite and inability to feed.

It also asks senior citizens to eat home-cooked food and drink fresh juices to boost immunity.




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