‘Avoid procedural gaps in supply of clothing, food for troops in high altitude areas’

A high-level Parliamentary panel has underlined that there should not be any procedural gaps in supplying clothing, food, and equipment to troops guarding the nation’s frontiers, especially in high-altitude areas.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC), headed by Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, in its report which was tabled in Lok Sabha on Wednesday, said that there have been inordinate delays in procurement of winter clothing for soldiers in high-altitude areas as well as implementation of the project for improving their housing conditions.

The panel further recommended immediate revamping of their high altitude clothing and other paraphernalia.

Chowdhury, while sharing the recommendations of the committee, told media persons that improving the living conditions of troops stationed in high-altitude areas is of utmost importance.

Temperatures in some of the forward locations including in Ladakh drop up to minus 40 degree celsius during harsh winter months.

The report titled “Provisioning, procurement and issue of High Altitude Clothing, Equipment, Ration and Housing” further noted that there were instances where delays in procuring clothings for troops stretched for up to four years.

In this context, the panel recommended that there should be a separate allotment of financial resources for meeting expenses of soldiers posted in high-altitude areas.

“Health and hygiene of troops stationed at high-altitude areas was reportedly affected as a result of procedural delays, non-supply or supply of recycled or alternate items at the time of need,” it further noted.




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