Ayodhya to have uniform colour code

To give it a distinct identity, the temple town of Ayodhya will soon have a uniform colour coding for various establishments.

The Ayodhya Development Authority is finalising the scheme of colours to be used in buildings of different nature.

There will be a dedicated colour each for commercial, residential, religious and historical buildings.

The colour of the temples leading to Ram Janmabhoomi site will be saffron.

There will be a uniformity of colour in different buildings and pavements in their vicinity.

Ayodhya Development Authority vice-chairman Vishal Singh said, “There will be different types of colour choices for commercial, residential, religious and for the buildings of archaeological importance. We are yet to finalise which shades of colours to be painted on which type of buildings. However, the colour of the temples leading to the Ram Janmabhoomi site will be saffron.”

According to the sources, other than the temples on the Ram Mandir way, all the private buildings – from Saadatganj area of the Faizabad city to the banks of Saryu – will also have the same colour.

Besides, agencies involved in the construction of the grand Ram temple are taking special cognisance of the security of Ram Janmabhoomi complex. A double-layer security wall with a 50-metre foundation will ensure permanent security for the temple, said Anil Mishra, member of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust.




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