Ayushmann Khurrana: “It’s a buffet of languages in India, so every language is important”

The recent language debate sparked off by a twitter conversation between Telugu actor Kiccha Sudeepa and Ajay Devgn has made several rounds on social media and what was a friendly discussion between two celebrities (who settled it quite amicably) has blown out of proportion with media houses asking any and all celebrities to weigh in and their two cents to the Hindi language (as a national language) debate.

The latest celebrity to be asked about this is Ayushmann Khurrana. Ayushmann has recently interacted with media to promote his upcoming movie – the Anubhav Sinha directorial ‘Anek’. The socio-political thriller, set in North East India, sees Ayushmann in his maiden action avatar. The movie released last Friday, May 27, 2022.

It received a slow opening and has garnered mixed reviews from audiences. In an interaction with News18 recently, Ayushmann was asked to comment on the ongoing Hindi as a national language debate.

Responding to this, Ayushmann said, “I really don’t know what should be the criteria for this whether the newest language should be the national language or the oldest language should be the national language. It’s about jo aapki language hai wo aapko pasand hai (You like the language that is yours). We cannot put one language at the forefront whether it’s old, new, or a mixture of languages. This is not that country. Hindi is a mixture of a lot of languages. Like in colloquial tongue, we usually mix three languages- Hindi, English, and Urdu. It’s like a buffet of languages in our country so every language and culture is important.”

Ayushmann’s movie ‘Anek’ also showcases the Hindi vs. other languages and in particular addresses the difference and the “outsider” feelings that people of the North East face.

Before the release of the movie, Ayushmann released a statement about it, which read, “Anek celebrates the spirit of truly being an Indian. Anubhav sir is pushing the envelope and setting a benchmark with his passionate storytelling with this film. My character Joshua compelled me to do things I had never done before, both physically and mentally. With the right guidance and training, I gave this role my best shot to bring life to everything Anubhav envisioned for the film.”

The movie also stars model Andrea Kevichusa, who is making her Bollywood debut with this film. The most common critique of ‘Anek’ across reviews is that the movie attempted to address many issues all at one and eventually ran out of time before it could do justice to it all.



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