Ayushmann on Safer Internet Day: Education helps kids to stay safe online


Tuesday is Safer Internet Day, and Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana, who is also UNICEFs Celebrity Advocate for their global campaign Ending Violence Against Children, used the occasion to speak about how proper education can help children harness the potential of the internet.

“The online world presents such a great chance for children to learn and share their ideas. This Safer Internet Day, let’s encourage children, especially girls, to explore the internet and fuel their ambitions and dreams for a promising future,” said Ayushmann.

He added: “Children can learn more and share their ideas with the world. The internet is full of ideas and imagination, much like the mind of a child.”

“There are also dangers, but through education we can empower children to stay safe online. This Safer Internet Day, let’s work to end violence online and make the online world a safer space for every child,” said Ayushmann.