Azad justifying treachery every minute: Jairam

In a bitter war of words, the Congress on Monday hit back at Ghulam Nabi Azad, accusing him of justifying treachery and unleashing a slander campaign.

“After such a long career, courtesy entirely the party he’s been tasked to slander, by giving interviews indiscriminately, Mr. Azad diminishes himself further. What’s he afraid of that he’s justifying his treachery every minute? He can be easily exposed but why stoop to his level?”, Jairam Ramesh tweeted.

Earlier, in the day, Azad while addressing the media here, alleged that he was forced to leave from the party. He said that the Congress does not respect its leaders and people don’t know much about the work people like him have done for the party. Azad praised the Prime Minister and said, “I understood Modi as a crude man as he is not married does not have children, but he has shown his humane side when he spoke in Parliament about the incident that happened to Gujarati tourist when I was the Chief Minister.”

Azad was responding to his former party’s allegation which said that “he has been Modi-fied”. “The party is full of illiterates, specially those who are working on clerical jobs, those who know J&K, I can’t increase one vote of BJP.”

He also said that Rahul Gandhi was not interested in politics despite efforts from the party. “It was Rahul who hugged the Prime Minister in Parliament not me”, he said and added that since the letter was written in 2020 the party has a problem as no one wants to be questioned.




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