‘Baahubali’ producer’s suggestion on AP ticket pricing issue


What appears to be a never-ending episode between the Telugu Film Industry and the Andhra Pradesh government is the ticket pricing and movie business-related issues.

In the wake of slashing movie tickets and the seizure of multiple theatres, Telugu star Nani had reacted that these activities are not going to help the industry or anyone who depends on the movie business.

Quoting Nani’s speech reference, ‘Baahubali’ producer Shobu Yarlagadda listed out a few suggestions to deal with this issue.

In a series of tweets, Shobu said: “Maximum Retail Price (MRP) (unless it is an essential commodity) is decided by the producers/manufacturers of packaged goods not the government. Just saying!

“If AP Government, wants to maximize tax collection from movies, it should 1. Mandate 100 per cent computerisation of ticket sales in all theatres, 2. Automatic and real-time updating of ticket sales. 3. Free and variable pricing of movie tickets (the free market will decide the right price).”

Shobu opined that it might work both in the favour of exhibitors and the state government.

“This will be a win-win situation, that will benefit the exhibition sector, film industry, and the Government!,” added the ‘Baahubali’ producer.

Among the very few people who stood against the government’s decision, Shobu is one of them.



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