‘Bachelor’ team took 107 days to dub for the film!

The team of ‘Bachelor’, which has G.V. Prakash and Divya Bharathi in the lead, took a whopping 107 days to dub for the Tamil film, its director Sathish Selvakumar has disclosed.

Sathish Selvakumar, whose film unit claims is a stickler for perfection, at a recent event said, “We worked for over a 100 days on dubbing. I don’t have any hassles admitting this because that is the kind of intense effort that has gone into the film. I don’t want to hide the fact and claim that we finished dubbing in 50 days or 30 days. We worked for 107 days on dubbing alone. It was very difficult to get the Coimbatore slang right and we put in a lot of effort to ensure we got it right.”

The director further disclosed that they sat on mixing for almost 35 days!

“Any producer would have felt like chasing us with a machete in hand during every single day of that period. But my producer Dilli Babu did not put any pressure on me because of the passion he has for films and the trust he had in the film,” the director said in a lighter vein.

Selvakumar says that the reason why ‘Bachelor’, which releases on December 3, has come out well is because of the trust that producer Dilli Babu had in the film. “I think I have lived up to the trust that he had in the film.”

The film, which releases on December 3 in theatres, is a film on a man-woman relationship. Sources say the film will be a modern take on love.




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