Bad throat couldn’t stop AP Dhillon from belting out the very best

‘Brown Munde’ hitmaker AP Dhillon suffered from a bad throat due to constant travelling but that did not affect his Lollapaloza performance even one bit.

The Punjabi synth-pop sensation, who is the voice behind hit tracks like ‘Brown Munde’, ‘Excuses’, ‘Insane’ and several others, took to the stage at the multi-genre Lollapaloza India music festival on Saturday and needles to say, he set the house on fire with his livewire performance along with his buddy Shinda Kahlon.

Sometime during his performance, Dhillon took a pause and said, “The constant travel has f*****d our health and throat but be rest assured Mumbai this will be a night to remember.”

The two Punjabi artistes performed on hit numbers such as ‘Tere Te’, ‘Faraar’ but their most loved songs like ‘Summer High’, ‘Excuses’ and the legendary ‘Brown Munde’ came during the last leg of their performance. Talk about saving the best for the last!

Dhillon might have been on the backfoot because of his health but his crowd work clouded that. The singer danced, swung, entered the fan arena, he did everything that would make his audience feel special. That’s how you put up a performance that’s worth every dime.




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