Bag with Rs 1 lakh cash forgotten at Red Fort Metro Station


A bag containing Rs 1 lakh cash, found at the Red Fort Metro Station on Wednesday, remained unclaimed for some hours before its anxious owner came looking for it, officials said on Thursday.

CISF officer G.S. Goutam noticed the bag lying uncollected at the X-ray machine at around 9.15 p.m. on Wednesday, and despite inquiries from passengers, no one came to claim it.

The area was ordered off and the CISF’s BDDS team informed. The bag was thoroughly checked from the security point and after finding there was nothing hazardous, it was opened to reveal it contained Rs 1 lakh cash, and some documents. The bag, along with the cash, was deposited with the station controller.

After some time, Nepal Sharma, a resident of West Bengal’s Asanol, came to claim it, saying he had forgotten to collect it after putting it for X-ray screening. After proper verification, the bag, with the cash, were restored to him.