Bajrang Dal says ‘no’ to New Year celebrations

After Valentine’s Day, the right-wing Bajrang Dal is now targeting New Year celebrations.

Bajrang Dal activists in Varanasi have put up posters in malls and hotels, warning people “not to promote western culture in Kashi by celebrating New Year”.

The Bajrang Dal has termed the promotion of western culture as “immoral and anti-religious” and warned that its activists will strongly oppose any such New year celebrations and events in the city.

Bajrang Dal convener Nikhil Tripathi ‘Rudra’ said: “New Year celebration is a meaningless event. It has no morality and has nothing to do with spirituality. Such events take the youth of the country on the wrong path.”

Tripathi alleged that the liquor and drug mafia try to take advantage of the situation on the pretext of celebration.

“As there will be celebrations at many places in the city, we will stage protest peacefully and within the limits of law after the permission of the police administration.”

However, the police said that no one will be allowed to disturb law and order.

The Bajrang Dal has also demanded a ban on the sale of liquor in bars, pubs, hotels and clubs during New Year.

Commissioner of Police A Satish Ganesh said: “No one will be allowed to take law in their hands. If anything goes wrong, the police will take action. We have made proper arrangements for the peaceful New Year celebration.”




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