Baltic Pipe construction resumed after Nord Stream 2 shut down


Poland will resume construction of the Danish section of the Baltic Pipe, which aims to connect the country with Norwegian gas fields, Danish network operator Energinet said, RT reported.

The pipeline is intended to reduce Poland’s dependence on Russian gas, but construction was halted in May 2019 due to environmental concerns. However, amid the latest sanctions against Russian energy projects over the country’s military operation in Ukraine, industry players fear supply disruptions.

One of the major reasons for the revival of the Baltic Pipe was Germany’s indefinite halt last week of the certification of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 project. The completed pipeline from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea would have provided Europe with an additional supply of natural gas.

Energinet said it had received a new environmental permit from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to resume on-land construction in the area, where it was suspended, RT reported.

The company said it expects the pipeline to be partially operational from October 1 this year, and to reach full operational capacity of up to 10 billion cubic meters by January 2023.



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