Ban on construction activity lifted in Delhi


The Delhi government on Monday lifted the ban on construction activities after the marginal improvement in the national capital’s air quality.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said due to the improvement in the air quality, and considering the difficulties faced by the workers after the ban on the construction work, the ban has been lifted.

He, however, said that strict monitoring will continue by 585 teams, and immediate action will be taken against violators of the 14-point anti-dust pollution measures.

“The pollution levels which had been rising since after November 4 reached an AQI of over 600 at some point. Now, we can see the intensity of pollution gradually reducing as a result of the various pollution control actions and initiatives. Keeping these trends and improvements in mind, a decision to uplift the ban on construction and demolition activities has been taken,” Rai said.

The minister also said that the work from home for GNCTD officials has been extended till November 26 and a joint meeting will be held on November 24 to review this as well as opening of schools and entry of CNG trucks from other states.

Delhi government has also hired 1,000 ‘Paryavaran Sewa’ private CNG buses to operate in the city.

Talking about the standing limitations in the bus and metros, Rai said that they have been given standing limits of 17 in buses and 30 per coach for metros.

The initiative to impound old petrol/diesel vehicles and PUC certificate checking will continue to tackle vehicle pollution.

The water sprinkling capacity has also been increased by adding more tankers, with a total of 500 tankers operating in different parts of the city.

He said that the ‘Red Light On, Gaadi Off’ Campaign Phase 2 will also continue till December 3.

“Overall, out of the 10-point action plan that we had declared on November 17, only one is being excused, which is the construction and demolition ban but with restrictions and strict ramifications for violators. The rest of the measures will continue as they are,” said the environment minister.


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