Bangla actor Krushal Ahuja debuts on Hindi TV with ‘Rishton Ka Manjha’

TV actor Krushal Ahuja, who has earlier appeared in popular Bangla soaps like ‘Ranu Pelo Lottery’ and ‘Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay’, has made his debut on Hindi television with the latest show ‘Rishton Ka Manjha’.

Opening up on this transition from Bangla to Hindi, Krushal told IANS: “Because I got this opportunity. When Sushanta da (producer) had approached me, I instantly liked the story. Hindi television is a very good platform to work in and I always wanted to work here.”

Does that mean Krushal will be only working in Hindi from now on or is he open to working in Bangla as well?

“It is not possible to do two shows at the same time if you are playing the lead role because you have to give 14 hours of your day for the shoot. However, if I am offered a good character be it in Bengali or Hindi, I don’t mind,” he replied.

Throwing light on his latest show ‘Rishton Ka Manjha’, Krushal informed: “The show has a love story and also focuses on how a person tries to overcome the hard times and problems in their life. Arjun’s character is going through a very dark phase. He was a badminton player earlier but due to certain reasons, his favourite game is not a part of his life anymore. This has impacted his mentality and thought process. Diya on the other hand is a positive, jolly natured girl who tries to find a solution to every single problem. The story shows how Diya meets Arjun and changes his life.”

Krushal feels Arjun’s character is something which the audiences will be able to relate with. He explained: “I think Arjun is a character with which everyone can relate. The way he is going through a difficult phase in his life, everybody has to go through this at some point of time. However, the intensity differs. Some people give up easily while some choose to stay back and fight. I have also been through difficult situations in life but I’m a fighter.”

The viewership in Hindi television is much bigger as compared to Bangla. Does that make him nervous?

“I’m a little nervous about the character. In the first three months we need to properly establish the character, its thought process and its history in front of the audience. What makes me nervous is that this is a big platform and definitely the responsibility of an actor is much bigger. But I’m confident that the way the story has been created and the casting is done, people are going to love it,” the actor shared.

Also starring Aanchal Goswami in the lead, ‘Rishton Ka Manjha’ airs on Zee TV.