Bariely cleric contradicts Owaisi, says people of all faith contributed towards Independence

Maulana Shahbuddin Razvi of Tanzeem ul Ulema Islam Bariely has contradicted AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi’s statement by stating that Indians belonging to every faith contributed towards the country’s Independence.

Razvi said, ‘His (Owaisi’s) statement is meant to mislead the Muslims. Every Indian contributed towards the Independence movement. Also, Muslims are very much safe in India and they are part of the country and its culture.’

Razvi said he would advise Owaisi to go and stay in some Muslim country for a few days, adding that India is home to the largest Muslim population in the world where all live in harmony.

Earlier, addressing a gathering in Hyderabad, Owaisi had mentioned about the contributions made by Muslims in India’s Independence movement.

Owaisi said, ‘Muslims gave their blood for the Independence of the country, but now they are unsafe and are being ignored.’

The AIMIM leader also said that he hopes that Prime Minister Narendra during his address from the Red Fort on August 15 will take the names of Muslim freedom fighters like Aashfaqullah, among others.

Owaisi said that at a time when India is celebrating 75 years of its Independence, fascist and communal forces are trying to distort history to either erase the role of Muslims in the freedom struggle or ignore i.t




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