Barun Sobti on giving creative tips while filming new music video

Actor Barun Sobti got a chance to try out his filmmaking skills while working on his new music video Taqleefein. The song, released on Friday, is sung by Amit Mishra and Ritika Raj Singh.

“I had a few suggestions on how I wanted the chemistry, especially the plot twist in the end,” said Barun, about the video that pairs him with Vishakha Raghav, and also features Roadies Xtreme 2018 contestant Kashish Thakur. The song is directed by Swapnil Raj.

“Swapnil had an interesting vision on how he wanted to alternate between the love story and separation. I instantly loved the track when I heard it. I was drawn to the character variation in the song and I think we have managed to capture a range of emotions, which do justice to the song,” Barun added about the number, written by Abhishek Talented.

“While thinking about the track, Barun Sobti and Vishaka Raghav were the first ones who came in my mind. Barun had the intensity to take it forward,” said director Swapnil Raj.