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Basketball wager video of Brampton councillor’s son and father goes viral

Brampton regional councillor Gurpreet Singh Dhillon’s post of a regular evening of shooting basketball hoops became an Internet sensation when a friendly basketball wager between his 10-year-old son and father turned heads.

Singh Dhillon’s father offered his grandson $2 if he scored, but 10-year-old Karem Dhillon suggested a $20 bet which proved to be a big mistake.

Karem Dhillon takes his shot, but it doesn’t make it in the basket. His grandfather is seen in the video removes his jacket mid-dribble and manages to make it through the basket in the first attempt.

The family has a long history of loving basketball.

Jarnail Singh Dhillon says he’s been playing for more than 50 years and his sons too have played basketball through university. Now, the family uses the game to bond.

“Every day we play” says Gurpreet Singh Dhillon. “Whether it’s five minutes, whether it’s for an hour or two hours we make sure that we try to play basketball every day. Not only is it good for us staying active, but it’s something to do as a family as well.”

Ever since the video was posted, it has been viewed millions of times around the world and has also been picked up by ESPN online, and shared by other sports sites.

Gurpreet Singh Dhillon says he’s surprised at the interest in his family’s game, although he realizes “it’s not every day you see a 70-year-old Punjabi grandparent playing with his kid, and I think people thought that was really cool!”

As for the bet, Jarnail Singh Dhillon was paid—not in cash, but with a dinner out. -CINEWS

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