Basking in Bhai’s glory: Lucknow’s Salman Khan doppelganger

Till he was arrested for creating a nuisance in a public place in May this year, Azam Ansari’s ‘popularity’ was restricted to parts of the old city where he is known as ‘Bhai’.

A Salman Khan doppelganger, Azam has turned his similarity — if it may be called so — into a full-time business.

He has practiced Salman’s mannerisms, his walk and style of talking to perfection. He dresses up exactly like the actor does in his latest release.

When ‘Tere Naam’ released, Azam Ansari sported a hairstyle with a centre parting and went around smoking like a chimney – exactly like Radhe Mohan did in the film.

He donned the avatar of a Sikh when ‘Antim’ came on the big screen.

Ansari, in his videos, is seem making poses similar to Salman Khan.

When he goes around making Instagram reels, dressed up as Salman Khan, he creates a commotion since many believe that the star has actually arrived for shooting.

It was one such shoot in Lucknow that led to a massive traffic jam and Ansari was arrested.

Azam Ansari often makes videos against the backdrop of the historic roads and monuments in Lucknow. He is quite popular on social media and has 1.67 lakh subscribers on YouTube.

“Fifteen years ago, I weighed 128 kgs but I was an ardent fan of Bhai (Salman). Then I decided to become fit like him and started exercising. Today, I can say I am fit and I exercise regularly to maintain myself,” he says.

He adds that his wish is to meet Salman Khan though he has not succeeded so far. “I want to meet him and make a video with him,” he says.

Azam Ansari is in the real estate business but his passion remains being a ‘Bhai lookalike’.

“It gives me a kick,” he says in Salman style.

Ansari’s Facebook page is “Azam Ansari – Salman Khan fan -Purana Lucknow” and has his photos and videos in various avatars of his favourite star.

He has also given his mobile number for those keen to invite him for birthday parties, weddings, events, social and political functions for “full enjoy” – and a fee, of course.




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