Bastion Baghel: BJP on the backfoot as Chhattisgarh CM puts Cong on sound footing

In the upcoming state Assembly polls, the BJP faces the biggest challenge in Chhattisgarh, where it will not only have to fight the the Congress but also strengthen the organisation.

The BJP ruled the state for 15 years, but in the 2018 Assembly polls, it faced a drubbing at the hand of the Congress.

The saffron party was able to secure only 15 seats in the 90-member Assembly.

Currently, the Congress has 70 seats while the BJP only 14, which shows the plight of the latter in the state.

The BJP also knows its position in the state and that’s why it has appointed Ajay Jamwal as regional general secretary (organisation).

Jamwal is also the party’s regional general secretary (organisation) in Madhya Pradesh but his office is in Raipur.

The BJP has also appointed Arun Sao as party’s state president replacing Vinshu Dev Sai.

According to a senior BJP leader, the number of party members who can campaign against the state government and corner it on various issues is less, leading to the weakening of the organisation.

The party is hoping for a change with the replacement of the regional general secretary (organisation) and the party’s state president.

On the other hand, after the the Congress government under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel came to power, an attempt has been made to awaken the “Chattisgarhi” identity in the minds of people of the state.

Besides efforts were also made to strengthen the rural economy, creating a positive image of the government.

Political analysts are of the view that BJP is continuously weakening in the state and the Congress, due to its schemes and making its presence felt among the public, is becoming stronger.

Chhattisgarh is slated to go to polls in 2023.




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