Baton of Kashmir conflict industry handed over to Muslim Brotherhood, veteran of conflict industry in Palestine

While the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat had been coordinating their activities in the US and Europe for a while, so far the South Asian theatre was left for Jamaat to handle.

The first public entry of Muslim brotherhood in South Asia and India was seen last year with the seeding of the Boycott movement, DisinfoLab said in a report.

MB had been nurturing some of the political/ civil groups in India for a while, it has been keeping a low profile, that is until now. Something, however, has changed in the recent past. The report had earlier documented an expose of the Jamaat-led business enterprise which is run in the name of Kashmir but benefits only a handful of individuals and their families — all settled in the US and Europe.

However, after the expose, these individuals and organisations got discredited and are no longer capable of running the Kashmir conflict industry. And hence, it seems that the baton of the Kashmir conflict industry was needed to be handed over to MB, a veteran of the conflict industry in Palestine, DisinfoLab said.

Compared to Jamaat, MB has better experience in running the BDSM. This transition was first witnessed during the previous boycott campaign that was launched against India — which was led from the front by Brotherhood and its affiliate ‘news media’, including Al Jazeera, it added.

The absence of their carefully groomed next generation of vulture activists at the Tribunal except for a handful of ‘doyens’ of the Kashmiri conflict industry was also an indication that MB would run the show on its own. However, it needed the ‘Kashmiris’ at the event to establish its connection with Kashmir, even if by Kashmiri it meant only the ISI agents and rape convicts living in the US/UK and having no connection with Kashmir whatsoever, the report said.

The fact that the Tribunal did not even pretend to engage other stakeholders on Kashmir indicates that MB means business — the business of collecting funds in the name of Kashmir, it added. Whether all segments of Jamaat are happy with this decision could be anyone’s guess.

Lord Nazir Ahmed is a British politician of Pakistani origin. A former member of the House of Lords, he was made a life peer in 1998 on the recommendation of the then Prime Minister Tony Blair. Ahmed sat in the House until his retirement in 2020, before pending expulsion after being found guilty by the Labour Conduct Committee of sexually exploiting a woman. (53) The woman, he sexually exploited was a Kashmiri, who had sought help from him. This is a shining example of how the conflict industries benefit these vulture activists — not only in cash but also to satisfy their carnal desires, DisinfoLab said.

Ghulam Nabi Fai is a convicted ISI agent, who had also been to jail for his ‘services’. It would have been unkind to not invite him, even at the risk of revealing the ISI/ Pakistan link behind the Tribunal theater, though great efforts were taken to field new faces, not exposed by DisInfo Lab, it added.

Another known Jamaat/ ISI stooge was Huma Dar, who is associated with Stand With Kashmir (SWK). Huma Dar is a lecturer at UC Berkeley and an Adjunct Professor at California College of the Arts. She is also the founding member of a working group on “Muslim Identities & cultures”, at UC Berkeley. Her father was a retired Pakistani Army officer, and her sister Aliya Farouk Khan’s father-in-law, Late Lt. Col. Mian Mohammad Yusuf Khan was also in the Pakistan Army. Dar is a Khalistani sympathiser and was involved in the 2017 Sikh Rally held in San Francisco, the report said

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