Battle for UP: ‘Biwi’ brigade takes to campaigning


The ‘Biwi’ Brigade is back in action. The wives of candidates contesting different Assembly seats have started campaigning for their husbands in earnest mingling with residents and urging them to ensure the victory of their husbands.

Namrata Pathak, wife of minister Brajesh Pathak, who is contesting on a BJP ticket from the Lucknow Cantt constituency, is aggressively campaigning for her husband.

Along with her team of BJP workers, she campaigns in remote colonies of Lucknow Cantt.

She says, “My husband works hard. He is always ready to help everyone, so it is my duty to support him in his work. I am trying to connect with each and every woman voter in the constituency and seek support for my husband.”

She plans out her campaign a day in advance and coordinates so that there is no duplication in the campaign. “Our purpose is to cover all areas. My husband goes to some and I go to the other ones,” she adds.

Samajwadi Party candidate from the Lucknow Cantt seat, Raju Gandhi, also has his wife Charanjeet Gandhi campaigning for him.

He says, “My wife is my strength. She plans my campaigning for the day and she works from morning to late in the night to ensure my victory. As a woman, she strikes a chord with women voters immediately.”

Charanjeet Gandhi plans the campaign for the day. She gets up early in the morning and starts visiting the localities according to the plan while her husband leaves with a different set of SP workers in different localities.

Archita Gupta, wife of the BJP candidate from Lucknow Central constituency, Rajnish Gupta, is also actively campaigning in the constituency for her husband.

She says, “I have served my ward as a corporator too. It was possible due to the support of my husband. Now, my husband is contesting for the seat of an MLA for the first time. So, we have to plan coverage of constituencies in different areas.”

Rajnish Gupta says, “My family support will ensure victory for me in the elections. My wife has always supported me as she is supporting me now. She is looking after the management of resources along with connecting with people.”

Swati Mishra, wife of Abhishek Mishra, the Samajwadi Party candidate from Lucknow’s Sarojini Nagar seat, has been campaigning tirelessly for her husband.

Abhishek Mishra says, “My wife has been a pillar of strength for me. Swati, a Ph.D scholar from Cambridge University, works as a grassroots party worker. She campaigns the entire day for me. From nominations to campaigning, Swati has marched shoulder to shoulder with me.”

Bindu Bora, wife of BJP candidate from Lucknow North, Neeraj Bora, is another wife campaigning for her husband. Their son Vatsal Bora has also pitched in.

The mother-son duo leaves the house early in the morning to connect with voters. They tell them about the work of Neeraj Bora and his plans for the constituency after winning the elections.

If wives are helping their husbands, in one constituency — Mohanlalganj — the husband is helping his wife.

Manish Tewari, husband of Congress candidate Mamta Chaudhary, is managing her campaign from behind the scenes. He is meeting party workers and constituting teams for door-to-door campaigns daily.

Mamta says, “My husband works till late in the night. He is visiting every area of the constituency to tell voters about the work of my party.”



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