Battle for UP: BJP MLA does sit-ups on stage, asks people to forgive him


Video clips of a BJP MLA doing sit-ups on stage and begging forgiveness is an unusual sight.

BJP MLA from Robertsganj, Bhupesh Chaubey, however, took everyone by surprise at an election rally when he stood on the chair, held his ears and did sit-up begging forgiveness for any mistakes that he might have made during the last five-years.

Former health minister of Jharkhand and MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi was also present at the dais when the incident took place.

Shahi was in Robertsganj to campaign for the BJP MLA.

A first time MLA, Chaubey had defeated Avinash Kushwaha of Samajwadi Party in the 2017 Assembly election by a margin of over 40,000 votes.

The BJP fielded him again in this Brahmin dominated constituency. There was resentment among the party workers as well as people for his lack of performance in the past five years.

People in his constituency complained that the MLA is not accessible on phone and neither does he meet them.

The matter was also raised during the inauguration of his election office.

Perhaps, sensing the people’s annoyance, he took this stand and started doing sit-ups, holding ears, on the stage while the other leaders were addressing the rally.

Begging for an apology in public, he sought the blessing of people for his victory again.

Shahi also came to his defence and described him as better than other contestants.

The SP has again fielded former MLA Avinash Kushwaha, while the BSP has fielded a Brahmin candidate Avinash Shukla at this seat.



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